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Award for 2017

Press Release
Brag and Release Fishing Charters Receives 2017 Best of Murrells Inlet Award
Murrells Inlet Award Program Honors the Achievement
MURRELLS INLET August 30, 2017 -- Brag and Release Fishing Charters has been selected for the 2017 Best of Murrells Inlet Award in the Fishing Charter category by the Murrells Inlet Award Program.

Offshore fishing

Our trip offshore was just as exciting as always, we had four great guys aboard and over 100 fish were caught and 35 were brought back to the dock, Black sea bass, Porgies, Trigger fish, Vermillion Snappe     rand  Sharks

The time is here once again

We have started our season off with some great fishing,, our first trip out fishing near shore we caught some really nice Blues and spanish mackerel.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

We are now getting ready to start our 2017 season. Everyone from Brag and release fishing charters would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Keep checking for our updates.

Fishing good, weather not so good

The fishing has been good if we can just get this weather to calm down which it seems to be going to be good this coming week lets see if they are getting it right this time.

Srarting to look good!

We have been out the last week and the fishing and weather is starting to get better. We caught some nice fish yesterday and even put a few on the leader board at one of the local marinas. Lets hope it just gets better from here out.


The weather here has been awful the winds and seas have been high and we are unable to get out to fish from now thru Sunday if things don't change it looks like a total wash out.


Took a few charters out last week, the water tep. was in the low 60's all trips caught fish  but only one out of the three did very well, their day was picture perfect with weather and seas.


The warm weather seems to be staying around, but the winds and seas are just not being cooperative just yet.

Windy conditions

The sun is shinning but the winds are still blowing, Lets hope the winds go and the sun stays.
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Award for 2017
Offshore fishing
The time is here once again
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year
Fishing good, weather not so good


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